Friday, August 31, 2012

15 Tips of Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is a process of marketing a product or service with the help of multiple marketing channels, such as a retail store, a web site, a mail order catalogue, or direct personal interaction using letters, email or text messages to reach potential customers. All these marketing channels can be covered by hiring a digital media agency which is the best in this field.
The purpose of using multiple channels is to make it easy for a consumer to buy the most appropriate product among the different options. For achieving success in business you have to create a proper level of service in all the channels. Problems in one channel can affect the other channels too. So, it is important to replicate brand values and good service in all the levels and you can achieve this by using an effective multi-channel strategy.
Here are some of the tips for effective multi-channel marketing:
Retain the customer:
The basic success strategy for multi-channel marketing is to allow your customer to interact with you as and when they want. There are various aspects used for multi-channel such as systems, processes and staff training; these should be chosen on the basis of customer preference.
Categorise your best customers:
Find out the customers who are multi-channel as they are more profitable than Promise an effortless experience:
Support customers to purchase your products or services by using any channel of their choice.
Offer discounts based on the channel cost:
Use the channel with the lowest associated costs to offer customers the best prices.
Ensure the same range in all the channels:
Provide the same product or service throughout all the channels, if you are an efficient offline brand, your customers’ visit online should be of the same standard as they have certain expectations of you.
Catch every possible order:
Use multiple channels to answer every order, if you don’t have particular goods in store you can tell about home delivery.
Prevent your brand from damage:
Consumers always opt for selling a brand whether they are searching at a web store or stores.
Get the right staff:
Web and catalogue marketing requires different skills from the traditional marketing, make sure that you hire the staff who have the right skills for the channel.
Provide a provision of online enquiries:
This service can be used to provide support to the new channels.
Incorporate your back office correctly:
Add your systems appropriately based on a package that already provides integration.
Provide centralised customer service:
Many companies centralise their customer service to make sure that same time person handles the customers, website and store enquiries.
Every customer is different, so you need to monitor the behaviour of each Individual customer.
Offer online consultations:
Provide one-on-one style consultations for each visitor to allow for better customer interaction.
Incorporate SEM with other channels:
This can help to create demand for other channels with the help of search engine marketing.
Develop a social corner:
Build a social area of your site by posting content that concentrates of lifestyles vs. products.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Growing your Business day by day with Twitter

In todays marketing age, enhancing your business with twitter is one of the most common factor to bring leads, opportunities and sales to your business. But the question is that can twitter actually do this? Well, you can get your all answers by going through out the article what about..

Basically twitter is a medium of conversation of a circle of people who know one another and are in the same boots of the business. Twitter is approximatly 5years old but its social media approach is very impressive in short time. With the time, evey one wants to be his presence on twitter by personally as well as professionaly.

The main thing is search engine results nowadays using social media sites to influence the website's rankings like twitter, facebook google plus and so on. So it's just not the part of Social network, even now participating in SEO strategies too. Using social media as a strategic part of SEO is like learning variety of new things to help out your business and ofcourse to expand the Brand. People uses twitter up to their coversational levels but they have to implement some ideas and make strategies to work with twitter to discover their target market. They have to build up more connections, share their branding and find more opportunities to boost up their business online. Your identity & mission should be realistic on twitter. You have to first listen to the audiences, what they are saying about you, about your brand then act accordingly. I have some points to help your business for making better connections and build more brand exposure about twitter that could help to improve your marketing strategy:

  1. frequently using of search advance options on twitter to find better opportunities regarding your business. This may allow you to insert keywords to your part of conversation and fiinding more connections who are doing the same for their services too.This also helps your local business to reach out to twitters in their area.
  2. Be interesting, tweet often to move up will helps you to saty very active and also improves your site's ranking in search engines by using more keywords rich phrases in your tweets as often as possible.
  3. Set the goals , connect with media and find out how they are active on twitter. It will increase your presence on twitter.
  4. Change the tagline for each and every tweet from your account, will increase the curiousity of others which are in your connections and follows your tweets, may lead to boost your traffic sources.

For more SMO strategies about twitter and other social media networks and to follow their management policies, please join us at here

Friday, July 27, 2012

How can be guest posting a good way for Today’s SEO

These day’s I am focus on guest posting.  In addition my strategies, regularly posting content on blogs and website. After Google penguin update content work is very reliable and mostly using. Guest posting is the single way for attract related visitors and readership platform for end users.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

1. Guest Posting Create Relationship with Same Field 

Guest blogging help to build relationship with same field bloggers. If we have relationship with same industries that can help to improve visibility, popularity and reputation is also. We can generate relationship through Guest posting like facebook, twitter and other popular social networks.

2. Guest posting help to Improvement in SERP’s

Blogger must include 1 or 2 links in post that can help to increase natural backlinks of your website. Guest posting is a natural way of link building. Natural backlinks help to improve your search engine ranking.

3. Guest posting can introduce your business in new communities

Guest posting can help introduce your business in new communities. You can start a new discussion with communities that can help improve your business leads and popularity. Guest posting generate new audience, communities and visitors. Guest posting improve ORM (online reputation management) of your business.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3D- animation: How WDC Converts Your imaginations in to Realistic

Converting imaginations in to reality is today’s need and this is why WDC has mastered the art of developing 3D animation and graphics to enhance the overall appeal of the websites. Our striving process of work to meet today’s demand of excellence on each and every project order and Client satisfaction. To achieve our goals we at WDC, offers our client 100% satisfaction guarantee with our latest and rendering new work techniques about 3D animation services, flash animations and modeling services.

Why we use 3D-animation?
We create quality 3D animations for our clients but they says that these are just not animations because we inbuilt creativity and atmospheric realistic activation to the concept, which makes us differ from others. we will bring your products and concepts to life and shape your imaginations in to reality. 3D animation also sets a high level of branding and flexibility in artistic hands. Therefore WDC uses this technology with perfect blend of modeling, textures, lighting effects and characters and our team delivers animation that leaves you awe-struck.

Are you looking for high quality 3D animations for your project too? 
 3D animation is also used as a good medium for advertising, marketing and promotion of products for any kind of business. We at WDC offers all types of animation services as per your requirements in today’s market.

Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Use Yahoo Answers Interms of SEO

Yahoo answer is a website that allow to people question and answers and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences. We can post any query in this site, many people provide the answer  of your query. We can put links in our answers related  to question where questioners found more about solution. Yahoo answers provide the stage or level  for members. Level s  change bases on points.

Points and Levels
When a member register, yahoo answer provide 100 points for beginners.The number and points depends on specific action we take. 
Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers One Time:        100
Ask a question                                                               -5
Choose a best answer for your question                           3
No Best Answer was selected by voters                          5
Answer a question                                                           2
Self-deleting an answer                                                   -2
Log in to Yahoo! Answers                              Once daily: 1
Vote for an answer                                                           1
Vote for No best answer                                                  0
Have your answer selected as the best answer                10
Receive a violation                                                        -10
Levels are different things to keep record how active on yahoo answers. As much as increasing our points we reaches higher levels. Yahoo answer increase our limits with my level.

Links Into Yahoo Answers

When we start on yahoo answers the link that we type will appear in as a text. As we participate in question answering in website. We earn points that increase my levels when we reach on 250 points then we on level 2. That URL type will be appear as active hyperlinks.

SEO Benefits of Yahoo Answers
 Yahoo answers and other similar websites  are a great way to get quality and natural inbound links to our website. Using this regularly in fair and effective way , we can create a very good community over our-self. Yahoo answer are something of a cross between a forums and a meta search engine. People  search many query related to our business. If searchable questions have my answer with links of website then much better for visitors, leads etc.We can share informative things , knowledge , services , content through yahoo answers.

Yahoo answers are very good techniques of building natural and quality links.Yahoo Answer is very popular website of these website at this time. Millions of users reaches in day on website. If a person search a questions about any topics then in top search engine results we found yahoo answer is also. So that chance of visibility of our website are very good.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best practices to target keywords according to Google search results

Keyword optimization, A process of researching and analyzing the suitable keyword phrases according to your content. To begin with this process, you will need to understand the things like a visitor. You have to keep this in your mind first, when you do research the keyword phrases for your websites. Do not place your keywords research or optimizing your site for those keywords which you think or like. The right choice of keywords directly targeting traffic back for your website from the search engine result pages (SERP’s). So, the proper keyword optimization is the finding of targeted and profitable keyword phrases that your potential visitors looking for.

This process will increase the visibility in the search engine result pages for your site with your targeted keyword phrases. The actual choice of keyword phrases and keywords are the specific combinations of the words, that a user enters in to the search box of the search engine and get the most relevant results or sites according to their searches for a particular subject. This process will play a role of determining where you lands in SERP’s.  Now it could mean the difference that where you don’t lie anywhere in the web, or being found as a first site that users usually clicks while performing the searches. 

This is absolutely critical for any SEO to choose really appropriate keywords for their websites and to finding themselves in the search result pages for those keyword phrases that they are aim at website’s visibility. However, apposite keyword research and optimization is perhaps one of the most common area overlooked by the online marketers.

Below are some best practices, which is used to familiarize yourself with decisive optimization elements:

1)      Use of Keyword research  tool :  A very famous and free keyword research practice tool is Google adword keyword suggestion tool , where you can type a keyword phrase and it will explicit more and more ideas or a list of associated words similar to your search for your particular subject. 

2)      Demand of long tailed keyword phrase: This long tail tactic is so effective that you can get great results from a page without getting anything from its primary target keyword. The actually searches on the web are round about 30% and the remaining 70% lie for long tail searches. For making long tail structured keywords, you have to plan the structure of your website’s content , organize it to categories , allocate keywords to relevant categories. Long tail keywords are a way of expanding on a core, generic  word to be made in to more specific targeted keyword term.

3)      Keywords variations and use synonyms: Well most of the visitors not using same words for searching information and you just have to think like end users, create some variation to the targeted keyword phrase by adding some words in the starting, in the end and in the middle of the keyword. For being self explanatory, use some words having similar meanings to your targeting keywords.

4)      Use Relevant keyword phrases:  The main and major practice we use for keyword research are their relevancy, place all keyword phrases according to content and the information provided on your web pages of the website. This process will allow the search engines to determine relevancy and originality by subject matter, rather than the keyword density.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Google SiteLinks: How to Get Google Site Links and What Impact on Your Website ?

What Are Google Site links And Importance for Your Website ?

Google Site links are automatic links that are generated by Google Algorithm. Site Links appear below our website listing in search result pages on Google. Google created site links to help searchers better understand a website before visiting it and as a shortcut to important pages on that website. Site Links are randomly chosen by Google Algorithm and we don’t have much control over which pages from our website will be chosen as site links by Google. But we can surely block pages of our choice being used as Site Links through Google Webmaster Tools account.

Have you ever searched for something on Google and the top listing had sub-pages listed for the Website directly under the main listing? Those returned search listing’s are called Site links. In this article I will explore Site links, and most importantly, how you can help Google determine which sub-pages you want for your Site link!

Site links are only displayed on the top listing for any given search. Normally, you will see these when searching for a specific company name.

Google has indicated that Site links are only displayed if their algorithm can determine which of your pages would qualify for Site links. And it is important to note that Google displays these not for webmasters, but for those using Google’s Search.

If there is one thing the Site linked Websites have in common is an easy to navigate Website. The main categories (those useful for Site links) stand out from the rest of the links.

Generally speaking, your main category pages should appear as Site links. Those main categories may include your business profile, company history, contact page, etc. If you have a product line of four or five products/services, they would also be great for Site links. Since Site links are dependent on a Website’s structure, this is something we have control of.

To help Google find the pages you would like Site linked, the best practice is to link to those pages twice on every page of your Website. Many Websites have a left navigation structure that points to the main internal pages, which is fine. But we really want to highlight our main internal pages even more. Therefore, it is important to also link to these pages on the footer. Please look at the example link structure below.

Product | Product 2 | Product 3 | Company History | Contact Us

Notice how each page has a separator. This is very common among the many Site links I have seen. If needed, use two lines for your main category links. There is a limit on the number of sub-pages that will be listed for a Site link, and from what I have seen eight is the limit.

The wording of sub-pages listed in a Site link can include anchor text, image alt text, and the url name (ie. widgets.htm would list as Widgets in a Site link). In creating Site link friendly pages, keep these considerations in mind. The goal here is to create consistency. So if you have images that link to your main categories, use alt text that matches the anchor text of your footer links.

Some Site link search queries return a link to a map. One thing that is common among these listings is a clear and concise contact page that lists the company name and address, as if it was written for an envelope. Also, the font size is larger then the text on the rest of the page and is not cluttered among advertisements or other text.

How Google qualifies pages for Site links and maps is something we may never fully understand. However, we can come to some relatively strong conclusions by examining who already has Site links!